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How indoor air quality impacts your productivity

By Niels Christensen, August 24 2015


It is a fact that indoor air quality impacts your health and your ability to perform on your highest level. I.e. it affects your overall productivity. Does that sounds like an obvious statement?

And it goes without saying that employers and property owners have this at the top of their agenda, right?

Well, it might not quite be the case. 

A study recently made in Sweden by professional association Entreprenörföretagen, shows that 70 % of respondents say that they are performing sub-par due to bad ventilation. In addition, 40 % say that they have had more than normal problems with tiredness and 35,5 % say that they have experienced headaches. The conclusion of the study is that poor ventilation has a negative effect on the overall economy.

According to the report Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices from World Green Building Council, an improvement in indoor air quality can lead to productivity increases of 8-11 %. Considering that staff costs typically amounts to about 90 % of a business’ total costs, a better indoor air quality can lead to significant financial gains.

Put together, these two findings means that 70 % of the office workforce could perform about 10 % better. So it’s fair to say that investing in indoor air quality pays off.

If you are interested in how to define good indoor air quality you can read our previous post Why do we need good ventilation

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Niels Christensen

Niels Christensen is our strategic product manager for Indoor Climate Solution products. He works with developing our solutions portfolio of demand controlled ventilation, grilles, diffusers, displacement ventilation, chilled beams, heating panels, silencers, etc. In short: the products that defines your indoor well-being. Niels holds a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering and has been working with ventilation for more than 16 years.
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