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Why choose steel over wood in construction

By Johan Andersson, September 18 2015

steel-construction-lindabVery often I get the question why you should choose steel and not timber or concrete in construction? Is there an exact answer to this? Of course, working in the steel industry makes your opinion a little coloured by your day-to-day work, but anyway – read on and try to figure out if I am right or wrong.

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Is shaving cream the answer on how to get a fog free mirror?

By Johan Fredriksson, September 02 2015


Recently one of my best friends asked me “Johan, how can I avoid a foggy mirror after showering, we are so tired of wiping it free from fog or waiting for it to clear up!” My friend and I started googling and stumbled across a number of hacks for keeping your bathroom mirror fog free after you have taken a shower.

The tips that we found ranged from putting shaving cream, vinegar, car wax and other things on your mirror, to installing a heating coil on the back of your mirror or simply using a blow dryer to clear up your mirror from fog.

While all these hacks might help you get a clear mirror, you may have bigger problems. However I tried to find a “quick fix” for my friend we had to realise that his foggy mirror is a clear sign that the ventilation in his bathroom isn’t up to standards.

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How indoor air quality impacts your productivity

By Niels Christensen, August 24 2015


It is a fact that indoor air quality impacts your health and your ability to perform on your highest level. I.e. it affects your overall productivity. Does that sounds like an obvious statement?

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How to tackle growing urbanisation

By Johan Andersson, May 05 2015

Living on top of the world. Houses on rooftops.According to the 2014 revision of the UN report World Urbanization Prospects, the amount of people living in urban areas will increase from 54 per cent today to 66 per cent by 2050. By 2045 the world’s urban population is  expected to exceed six billion. This will no doubt create new challenges on housing, infrastructure, public transportation, energy and many other areas.
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Five reasons to choose steel for your guttering

By Ioan Farcas, January 21 2015


We often get questions about comparisons of different materials. Very frequently the choice is between steel versus plastic or aluminium. Our choice at Lindab is, and has always been, steel. In this blog post I will give you a few of the reasons to choose steel for your rainwater system rather than PVC or aluminium.

Most of these arguments go for all steel systems, but we think that we add even more to this fantastic material. We have been processing steel for more than 50 years and we buy over 200 000 tonnes of steel every year, so we feel that we know what we are doing. We also put our products through rigorous testing. Something you can read more about in one of our previous posts.

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Why do we need good ventilation?

By Johan Fredriksson, October 27 2014

Why good ventilationFresh air is one of the most important preconditions for life itself. However, all air contains pollutants, to different degrees, depending on time and place. Much is done to lower the emissions that make our outdoor air poor. Very little, however, is done to improve indoor air quality. This in spite of the fact that people in many parts of the world spend almost all their time inside. In Northern Europe, people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors.
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Walking the talk – Constructing a building using Lindab products

By Johan Fredriksson, September 19 2014

The new Swiss Head Office

When it comes to showing confidence in your own products, there is no better way than using them yourself. After all you won’t see Tim Cook talking on an Android phone. So when we started planning our new Lindab headquarters in Switzerland it was only natural that our own products should be used to the greatest extent possible.

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From environmental to sustainable

By Paula Terne, August 25 2014


To be long term sustainable we need to have a balance between economic, environmental and social responsibility embraced with an ethical dimension in order to prioritize in the best way.

The environmental manager has today converted into a sustainability manager, the environmental issues has developed social responsibility. The terms have expanded to encompass much more than "just" environmental issues. It has become a part of the business and taken place as a strategic issue for a company. The wording sustainable development is, however, not new. United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development in its report Our Common Future in 1987:

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

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How long can a metal roof withstand extreme weather?

By Johan Andersson, July 17 2014

A part of our work to develop and improve solutions for roof- and wall is to expose the products in a test facility. The most correct and revealing is to test in the environment the products are used in the reality – instead of accelerated tests in a laboratory environment. 


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Biologists find problems, engineers solve them

By Paula Terne, July 09 2014

The desire to go to the fancy school in the town and to solve problems rather than finding them caught me into environmental issues already from high-school in the late 70s. And I’m still there.


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