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Johan Andersson is a product manager and research and development manager at Lindab. His background is as a mechanical engineer, starting at Lindab in 1995. He has been working with customer service, technical support, product management and leading the R&D department for Profile.
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How to create an inspiring metal facade

By Johan Andersson, April 22 2016

Perforated anodized aluminium facade

When you hear the words metal facade some people immediately come to think of plain industrial buildings that are very well suited for their purpose but not always very attractive or inspiring. Those buildings do exist of course, but you can create the most spectacular facades using metals such as steel and aluminium. In this post I’ll give you a few examples of techniques that can be used to create really striking buildings.

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Topics: Building Products

Three examples of permanent modular construction

By Johan Andersson, November 27 2015

modular-construction.pngThe growing population, increasing urbanisation, changes in legislation and environmental demands are all factors pushing for manufacturers and construction companies to innovate the construction process. One of the solutions for these demands is permanent modular construction (PMC). This means that modules are manufactured offsite and then transported to the building site for assembly. In this blog post we give you three examples of permanent modular construction.

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Topics: Future of Construction

Why choose steel over wood in construction

By Johan Andersson, September 18 2015

steel-construction-lindabVery often I get the question why you should choose steel and not timber or concrete in construction? Is there an exact answer to this? Of course, working in the steel industry makes your opinion a little coloured by your day-to-day work, but anyway – read on and try to figure out if I am right or wrong.

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Topics: Building Products

How to tackle growing urbanisation

By Johan Andersson, May 05 2015

Living on top of the world. Houses on rooftops.According to the 2014 revision of the UN report World Urbanization Prospects, the amount of people living in urban areas will increase from 54 per cent today to 66 per cent by 2050. By 2045 the world’s urban population is  expected to exceed six billion. This will no doubt create new challenges on housing, infrastructure, public transportation, energy and many other areas.
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Topics: Sustainability

How long can a metal roof withstand extreme weather?

By Johan Andersson, July 17 2014

A part of our work to develop and improve solutions for roof- and wall is to expose the products in a test facility. The most correct and revealing is to test in the environment the products are used in the reality – instead of accelerated tests in a laboratory environment. 


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