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Bad air makes you stupid

By Johan Land, November 28 2018


Clean air is essential for people to live long healthy lives. Reports crop up regularly about how dire the situation is. In Europe alone, it is estimated that the lifespan of 500,000 people is shortened due to air pollution. And a growing number of negative effects of air pollution are continuously being discovered. One study published by Chinese researchers in the scientific publication PNAS has concluded that polluted air lowers your level of intelligence.

The researchers gathered information on air pollution and compared it to data from intelligence tests in a number of Chinese cities. The correlation was very clear: The more pollution, the poorer the test results. Mathematical and language skills were reduced at pace with lowered air quality.

The probable cause is that air pollution causes stress and neuritis in humans, which results in deteriorated function and affects the decisions you make throughout the day. Men are more significantly affected than women, which researchers suspect has something to do with differences in brain structure or behavioural differences in polluted areas.

Air pollution is not only a problem in China, but also a significant one here in Europe. According to a report published by, air pollution is the cause of premature death in over 500,000 people in Europe, in spite of the fact that air quality is slowly improving.

Over 5,000 people in Sweden die prematurely due to illness caused by air pollution, according to IVL, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Air pollution can have both severe and long-term health effects such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Today, it is critical to have a healthy indoor climate for a healthy society. At the same time, we need to tackle the problems regarding air pollution and the environment.

Consider what you are breathing in.

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