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BIM in practice: Lycksele Hospital

By Henrik Bengtsson, December 14 2018


The construction sector is becoming more and more digitised, with many market players using Lindab's BIM objects on a daily basis. When Lycksele Hospital was due for a new felt roof with solar panels, a roof safety system and roof water drainage system, Lindab's BIM library was a major help to architectural engineer Jonatan Jacobsson at TM Konsult.

When Jonatan started working with the renovation in Autodesk Revit, he wanted to find a library collection with as many roof components as possible.
- "As Lindab lists all its products on, it was easy for me to find an overall view of the products and it was very easy to drag the objects into the project. It is practical to use the same BIM object structure as much as possible in terms of material selection control, design and naming."

 0 - Overview

What Lindab BIM objects have you used in the project?

- "I used products in three parts of the project, including the aluminium-zinc coated sheet steel cladding. I used a combination of gutters, standard downpipes and reinforced downpipes for the roof water drainage system. For the roof safety system, I used walkways, snow guards, anchorage points and wall ladders."

3 - Snow guard1 - Walkways

The advantages with Lindab's BIM library are numerous and the fact that the objects maintain a high level of detail and are also easy to work with is, according to Jonatan, a major benefit.
- "I also think that the structure allowing you to change parameters and materials is easy to understand and consistent. The objects structure makes it easy to provide the contractor with information about quantities."

 5 - Downpipes

What improvements would you like to see in future versions?

- "I would love to see changes made to the naming of BIM families, the names have to be easier to read. It would also be great if there were support functions built into the different BIM objects to be able to plan roof safety in a more simple way. Guides showing the length of ropes for fixing to walkways and anchorage points would, for instance, be great. This would give an overall picture of what movement is possible on the roof," concludes Jonatan.

 Jonatan Jacobsson

Jonatan Jacobsson at TM Konsult


Project: Lycksele Hospital

CAD/BIM software: Autodesk Revit

Architects: TM Konsult in Lycksele.

Contractor:  Contractor Bygg AB

Project scope: New felt roof with solar panels, roof safety system and roof water drainage system.



Topics: BIM, Digital, Construction, Building Products

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