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Chilled beams - a cool solution for hot summer days

By Martin Wiebicke, June 29 2017


During summertime, the cost of cooling rises. Installing active chilled beams in your building helps you cut costs. Since chilled beam systems are maintenance free, the installation will also save you money over time.

While most of us appreciate the warmer temperatures during this time of the year, no one likes to pay the electrical bill after a hot summer. In most cases the cost of cooling a residential building or an office increases in the summertime. For a larger company, that means big money.

Let water lower your costs

One solution that will both cut the operation costs you have today and save you money over time is to install a waterborne climate system, such as active chilled beams. Since water carry significantly more energy than air, active chilled beams require much less energy to provide the same heating and cooling effect as a traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).

Compared to traditional HVAC systems, the chilled beam system is also almost noiseless and require little or no maintenance resulting in a more enjoyable indoor climate and lower life time costs.


Less room, more space

On top of that, active chilled beam systems need less room than an all-air solution. This could result in more free space in your current building and lower demands concerning building and floor height when constructing your next site.

Solutions for a global market

Lindab delivers waterborne climate systems globally. The Swedish head office of Hewlett Packard in Stockholm, Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, UK, and Block Berge Bygg in Klepp Stasjon, Norway, are just a few of the well-known sites which have operating chilled beam systems.

More information?

Are you interested in an intelligent system for Demand Controlled Ventilation? Or a hotel solution that gives superior comfort for longer stays? Watch Lindab Pascal and Munio. 

Do you want to know what advantages Lindab’s waterborne climate solutions could have for you? Contact Martin Wiebicke, Product Manager – Waterborne Solutions, Lindab, to find out more. 


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Martin Wiebicke

Product Manager, Waterborne Solutions

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