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By Paula Terne, August 25 2014


To be long term sustainable we need to have a balance between economic, environmental and social responsibility embraced with an ethical dimension in order to prioritize in the best way.

The environmental manager has today converted into a sustainability manager, the environmental issues has developed social responsibility. The terms have expanded to encompass much more than "just" environmental issues. It has become a part of the business and taken place as a strategic issue for a company. The wording sustainable development is, however, not new. United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development in its report Our Common Future in 1987:

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Lindab-LifeSocial responsibility is based on the company’s willingness to take responsibility that goes beyond the business idea or task. It has to do with three areas, economic, environmental and social responsibility. A long-term sustainable development requires a balance between these three areas. However, it doesn’t matter how much responsibility you take - if you do not make money, you cannot take responsibility.

There is also a fourth dimension, the ethic dimension that embraces these three areas. The ethical dimension controls how we do things and help us to prioritize when we are forced to weigh initiatives against each other. A long-term sustainable development means balance between the different areas.

Lindab Life

At Lindab we have divided the work with sustainable development into four main areas under the umbrella we call Lindab Life:

  • Environment - Continous environmental improvements
  • Business - Solutions that simplifies
  • Employees - Focus on leadership
  • Society - Strong local commitment

My role as the Sustainability Manager at Lindab involves tasks in all of these areas. I am responsible for planning and communication our sustainability work both internally and externally. To collect, consolidate and compile numbers and texts to Group Sustainability Report, which is part of the Annual Report, is an important task. Furthermore, I work actively with the zero tolerance regarding work accidents, which involves monitoring, communication and prevention. I have also the task to ensure that the risk management systems are used in a structured manner throughout the Group, in order to minimize both the probability and the impact of risks. And a number of other things that I will tell you more about. Stay tuned!

Download our Annual  Environmental Report!

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Paula Terne

Paula Terne is the Sustainability Manager at Lindab Group. She has devoted her career to environmental issues, both as a consultant and from different positions in private companies.

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