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Get your roof ready for winter

By Ioan Farcas, November 04 2015

Roof ready for winter

Autumn is here and before you know it it´s winter again. Probably the roughest season for your roof and guttering. To make sure that your house is properly protected against the elements during this period it’s a good idea to inspect your roof and guttering before it’s too late. Here we provide a useful checklist to get your roof ready for winter.

Inspect for damages

Hail and falling tree branches can damage parts of your roof and gutters. Check for dents, tears and holes if you have a metal roof; replace all broken tiles if you have a concrete or clay roof. Damages like this can be covered by your insurance so get in touch with your insurance company before taking action.

Make sure that your flashings are ok

If your roof is rather complex, with valleys, side connections, chimneys, roof windows or dormers, all these places can be considered critical areas on. Make sure that the flashings joining these parts are ok to prevent water leaks. Remember to remove any twigs or leaves that may block the water drainage.

Clean your gutters and downpipes

Leaves, twigs and other kinds of debris tend to accumulate in the gutter or downpipe, slowing down the water drainage or making rainwater to overspill. If the water accumulate and sit in the gutter for prolonged times it will cause premature wear of the paint coating, or even worse your gutters may start to rust. When the water freezes expansion and weight can do damage to joints and brackets.

Add roof safety to risk areas

If your house is in a frequent snowfalls area you may consider installing additional roof safety. Snow sliding from the roof may damage the gutters, goods and vehicles around your property, or even worse hurt pedestrians passing by… Better safe than sorry!

When in doubt, call the experts

We all have different DIY-ability and some of the things above you can do by yourself. If you don’t know how to repair damaged roofs or gutters you should hire some help. Sure, a professional roofer may cost you some money, yet replacing your entire roof and fix damages caused by leaks will certainly be a lot more expensive.

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Ioan Farcas

Ioan is our Group Product Manager for Building Products. He has a degree in Economics and Business Administration and has been working for Lindab for the last 14 years. During his time at Lindab he has been working on everything from small rainwater systems to stadium projects.
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