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Introducing Good Thinking

By Anders Berg, February 23 2016


Today we are launching ”Good Thinking”. Looking closer at this, one might wonder what this is? Of course we have information on our website about this, but I feel that I want to add my personal view to it as well.

As I see it, it is a way of describing why we exist and what we aim to do in the future. There is plenty of work behind this, trying to grasp the true spirit of Lindab. To help us navigate moving forward. To help us explain to ourselves, and our different stakeholders, why we do what we do and why we exist. 

Any business firm like Lindab is basically a needs-satisfying machine. There are many different views, but my perspective is that we, as a business, generate customer satisfaction in return for income that gets distributed to our owners, employees, suppliers and public recipients. And we must be able to do this better than our competitors over the long term.

Now, it is easy to see from the above that if we stop, slow down and not push forward and challenge what we do - at some point, we will fall behind. We must constantly, in small and in large, become better – since there are many that would like to take our place in the market. This is in essence why we have detailed out a strategy, to be clear on where and how to go moving forward.

But, there is one more thing. In the essence of Lindab, we are also committed to “do good”. Looking into the history of Lindab, it is clear that there is a core thinking of improving things, to do things better, to simplify – not only for us and our customer, but for the society as such. 

We want to be a company that provides energy efficient solutions, that makes it easy to work with construction, that is taking care of the environment, that makes it easier to “live, breathe and flourish”, that takes responsibility for people and environment, not only today, but also in 10, 15 or 20 years.

We want to be a “good company” where we each day can look ourselves in the mirror and be proud of what we are doing. And this is the thinking behind “Good Thinking”, to put words on what we want to do, beyond the products, services and solutions that we offer.

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Anders Berg

Anders Berg is the President and CEO of Lindab. Passionate about entrepreneurship. A visionary and a hard-worker who loves to build – strong teams and profitable business models – with the ultimate aim of bringing good living to more people.
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