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Is shaving cream the answer on how to get a fog free mirror?

By Johan Fredriksson, September 02 2015


Recently one of my best friends asked me “Johan, how can I avoid a foggy mirror after showering, we are so tired of wiping it free from fog or waiting for it to clear up!” My friend and I started googling and stumbled across a number of hacks for keeping your bathroom mirror fog free after you have taken a shower.

The tips that we found ranged from putting shaving cream, vinegar, car wax and other things on your mirror, to installing a heating coil on the back of your mirror or simply using a blow dryer to clear up your mirror from fog.

While all these hacks might help you get a clear mirror, you may have bigger problems. However I tried to find a “quick fix” for my friend we had to realise that his foggy mirror is a clear sign that the ventilation in his bathroom isn’t up to standards.

I spoke with my colleague Jan Hesel, who is responsible for Lindab’s residential ventilation. He said “your friend might get his mirror free from fog by using shaving cream or another of the methods suggested, but what about the rest of his bathroom? The moist in the room won’t disappear from walls and ceiling just because you have a nice clear mirror. High levels of moist in a room can lead to other issues such as rot, mold and vermin. If you have a foggy bathroom mirror 15 minutes after your shower, then your ventilation isn’t good enough. A well-functioning ventilation system can clear your bathroom from moist a lot faster than 15 minutes and if you combine your ventilation with a heat exchanger you can also re-use the energy from your shower to help heat your home. Better than opening the window and letting all the energy go to waste”.

Have you heard of other hacks to keep your mirror free from fog? Or any other ventilation related hacks? Let us know in the comments.

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