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Let nature improve your indoor climate

By Martin Wiebicke, September 13 2017


Rising energy costs are increasing the demand for alternative energy sources, and is also proving to be a driving force for innovation. In the competitive market of air conditioning systems a new highly effective way of handling ventilation, cooling and heating is currently challenging traditional solutions.

Having a comfortable indoor climate is essential to the well-being of most people. Regardless if it’s a hot summer day or a freezing winter day, if we are working in the office or spending time at home, we all want comfortable room temperatures.

Traditional systems – complex and expensive

As energy prices keep rising, however, heating and cooling risks becoming a luxury for the few. Reaching a good indoor climate with a traditional air conditioning system requires heating in some parts of the building and cooling in other parts. The constant fluctuations in temperature obviously increases energy consumption, but also requires heavy investments in isolation, steering and control valves, resulting in high installation and operating costs.


Solus solution changes the rules

Until now that is. The new Lindab Solus solutionis rapidly changing the rules of the game, using the most powerful active chilled beam with the same inlet temperature in the water circuit for both heating and cooling.Solus is a self-operating 2-pipe system that will simultaneously cool and heat the individual rooms, in your building according to the actual need. Since water inlet temperatures are between 20–23 degrees Celsius, isolation, steering and control valves and also separate radiator systems are not needed.

The result? A smart, clean and efficient solution that will help you lower energy consumption while reducing operating costs. In many cases the energy needed to sustain the running temperature will be provided by the building itself. The cost saving potential will vary from building to building, but in combination with e. g.  heating pump the COP value will be 20-30 % higher and with free cooling you are able to save up to 45 % cooling energy compared to a conventional system.

Ready for installation

At the start of 2016 the first Lindab Solus system was installed in Jönköping, Sweden. All the 16 stories in the office building "Runda Huset" were equipped with the technique. One year later energy consumption is lower and the indoor climate is better.


More information?

Do you want to know how Lindab’s Solus could work for you? Read more about the Solus system on our web or contact Martin Wiebicke, Product Manager Water solutions Lindab Group, to find out more.


Phone: +45 73 23 25 95

Read more: "Runda huset in Jönköping – Expectations met with Solus"

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Martin Wiebicke

Product Manager, Waterborne Solutions

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