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Roof drainage – much more than protection

By Caroline Svensson, March 27 2018


More rain increases demand on quality roof drainage systems, but also creates opportunities for new smart solutions.

Climate change is expected to lead to longer dry periods in Europe, but also a higher intensity of rain and snowfall. Daily precipitation could increase by 35 per cent during winter in most parts of Europe during the 21st century, according to the European Environment Agency. Although Europe is by no means unfamiliar with heavy rainfall and flooding, the projections do underline the need for safety measures to protect buildings from water damage and economic loss.

A good roof drainage system prevents and protects your home

The best way to protect your building from water is to invest in a functioning roof drainage system. In essence that means a properly installed well-dimensioned system of high-quality gutters and downpipes that can handle the level of rainfall in the region and prevent flooding. When the drainage system doesn’t work as it should it is usually a result of poor installation or an insufficient number of downpipes. In urban areas, flooding is often the result of a combined insufficiency in roof drainage systems and the sewer constructions. Choosing a roof drainage system from Lindab will give your building, weather it is a private house or a commercial or industrial building, the protection it needs and the serenity you crave.

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More rain will increase demand for Good thinking

Water will always be a potential problem for buildings. However, as the climate continuous to change, and both population and buildings increase, a higher intensity of rainwater could be a problem for the underground system as well as the building. There is an increasing awareness around the world that the growing volume of rainwater needs to be handled, either stored for later use or led away, to prevent the underground systems to flood. For that reason, a well-engineered and well-dimensioned rainwater and ground system is crucial.

What can be made by you and me? One obvious thing is to become better at re-using rainwater, for example when washing our car or watering the garden during warm summer days. That not only secures the building and the ground system, it also makes a difference for future generations. We call it Good thinking.

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More information?

Do you want to know more about how Lindab can improve your roof drainage system? Read more on our web or contact Caroline Svensson, Product Manager – Building products and solutions Lindab Group, to find out more.


Phone: +46 431 85128 (dir)


If you would like to read about few of the reasons to choose steel for your rainwater system rather than PVC or aluminium, you can read about it here.


Visit and download BIM files for Rainwater system:

Download BIM-files for Rainwater System


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Caroline Svensson

Caroline is Product Manager for Building products and solutions at Lindab Group.

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