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How to choose a diffuser?

By Johan Land, October 31 2018


We all have our individual preferences in life and that certainly also counts for the indoor climate. The most visible part of a ventilation system is the diffusers making sure the air is distributed as gently and comfortably as possible, but which one should you choose?

Let's start from the beginning. What is a diffuser?

A diffuser, sometimes referred to as an air vent, is the outermost part of a ventilation system. You generally see it on a wall near the ceiling (preferred placement) or down by the skirting boards. They can also be positioned on the ceiling, commonly in offices and public places. Diffusers are normally mounted on walls in residential buildings. The function of a diffuser is to distribute the air throughout the room as efficiently and comfortably as possible. There are supply and exhaust diffusers as well as a combined versions which manages both supply and exhaust air.

For the most part, a diffuser is considered just a component that the ventilation installer fits, and then this strange little device sits there up on the wall. It is a necessity for optimal functioning of the ventilation, but if you had a choice, would you want to hide it? In our homes we often spend a lot of time selecting colours for our floors and walls, finding furniture and interiors that go together and finding just the right details to adorn our walls. In which case, this white device with a strange grille or circular cover can be a distraction in what is otherwise a well-considered design. Does it have to be this way? Of course not.

Naturally, design is important, but what else should I take into consideration when selecting an air vent?

It is nice of course to have a broad range of diffuser designs to choose from, but there are other important factors to keep in mind. Your diffuser should not draw attention to itself. It should quietly provide your room with adequate amounts of clean, fresh air. You can resolve the problem of noisy ventilation by selecting a diffuser that is made to function as quietly as possible.

In Lindab's selection alone, there are over 100 types of diffusers, all with their own features. The best performer, both in terms of design and sound, is Lindab Airy. It is a designer supply and exhaust vent that has a patented noise filter that enables it to quietly blend in with the environment. Looks-wise, it is a flush vent that can have several different coverings (round, square, oval, etc.) and its surface can be painted or wallpapered. This allows you to make it blend into the wall, or, if you are a bit adventurous, make it stick out as an attention getter. Why not a red vent on a white wall? The choice is yours!


Once you have chosen your diffuser, have it fitted by a professional and make the proper adjustments for your ventilation to work optimally.


Read more about Lindab Airy


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