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BIM in practice: Lycksele Hospital

By Henrik Bengtsson, December 14 2018


The construction sector is becoming more and more digitised, with many market players using Lindab's BIM objects on a daily basis. When Lycksele Hospital was due for a new felt roof with solar panels, a roof safety system and roof water drainage system, Lindab's BIM library was a major help to architectural engineer Jonatan Jacobsson at TM Konsult.

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Let nature improve your indoor climate

By Martin Wiebicke, September 13 2017


Rising energy costs are increasing the demand for alternative energy sources, and is also proving to be a driving force for innovation. In the competitive market of air conditioning systems a new highly effective way of handling ventilation, cooling and heating is currently challenging traditional solutions.

Having a comfortable indoor climate is essential to the well-being of most people. Regardless if it’s a hot summer day or a freezing winter day, if we are working in the office or spending time at home, we all want comfortable room temperatures.

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What is BIM?

By Jan Behrens, August 19 2016


There are probably as many perceptions of Building Information Modelling (BIM), as there are BIM users – or aspirants. Why is that? Probably because the all-embracing idea of BIM relates to so many different stakeholders and provide specific benefits to each of them. So, what really is BIM?

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How to create an inspiring metal facade

By Johan Andersson, April 22 2016

Perforated anodized aluminium facade

When you hear the words metal facade some people immediately come to think of plain industrial buildings that are very well suited for their purpose but not always very attractive or inspiring. Those buildings do exist of course, but you can create the most spectacular facades using metals such as steel and aluminium. In this post I’ll give you a few examples of techniques that can be used to create really striking buildings.

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Get your roof ready for winter

By Ioan Farcas, November 04 2015

Roof ready for winter

Autumn is here and before you know it it´s winter again. Probably the roughest season for your roof and guttering. To make sure that your house is properly protected against the elements during this period it’s a good idea to inspect your roof and guttering before it’s too late. Here we provide a useful checklist to get your roof ready for winter.

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Why choose steel over wood in construction

By Johan Andersson, September 18 2015

steel-construction-lindabVery often I get the question why you should choose steel and not timber or concrete in construction? Is there an exact answer to this? Of course, working in the steel industry makes your opinion a little coloured by your day-to-day work, but anyway – read on and try to figure out if I am right or wrong.

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Five reasons to choose steel for your guttering

By Ioan Farcas, January 21 2015


We often get questions about comparisons of different materials. Very frequently the choice is between steel versus plastic or aluminium. Our choice at Lindab is, and has always been, steel. In this blog post I will give you a few of the reasons to choose steel for your rainwater system rather than PVC or aluminium.

Most of these arguments go for all steel systems, but we think that we add even more to this fantastic material. We have been processing steel for more than 50 years and we buy over 200 000 tonnes of steel every year, so we feel that we know what we are doing. We also put our products through rigorous testing. Something you can read more about in one of our previous posts.

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