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BIM in practice: Lycksele Hospital

By Henrik Bengtsson, December 14 2018


The construction sector is becoming more and more digitised, with many market players using Lindab's BIM objects on a daily basis. When Lycksele Hospital was due for a new felt roof with solar panels, a roof safety system and roof water drainage system, Lindab's BIM library was a major help to architectural engineer Jonatan Jacobsson at TM Konsult.

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Topics: Building Products, Digital, Construction, BIM

BIM – Digital transformation in practice

By Henrik Bengtsson, February 07 2018


While the term digitalisation often comes across as a bit abstract, the digital transformation in companies like Lindab is both real and concrete. Building information modelling, BIM, for example is a methodology that is revolutionizing the way new buildings are planned and constructed.

Constructing a modern building is a complex process full of potential pitfalls. If the various members in a project fail to find a common understanding, the entire venture risks taking more time than expected and costing more money than estimated. This is true regardless if we are talking about the construction of a private house, a school or a commercial building.

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Topics: Digital, Transformation, Construction, BIM, Building, Information, Modelling

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