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Three key findings from the 2015 AIVC Conference

By Lars-Åke Mattsson, September 29 2015

Last week I attended the 36th AIVC Conference in Madrid. The conference is an initiative from the International Network on Ventilation and Energy Performance on behalf of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre, TightVent Europe, Venticool and the Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science. During two days scientists, researchers and professionals within ventilation, construction and energy efficiency meet to share knowledge and experience about how to best walk the tightrope between energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

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Keeping it tight – the importance of air tight ducts in ventilation systems

By Torbjörn Bruzelius, September 25 2015


The indoor climate effects your health and your productivity as we have covered in another blog post. But did you know that it also effects your economy? How is that, you might wonder. There are a number of ways that it effects your economy such as installation costs, but in this post we will focus on something that we at Lindab put a lot of effort into – air tightness.

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Topics: Sustainability, Indoor Climate

How to tackle growing urbanisation

By Johan Andersson, May 05 2015

Living on top of the world. Houses on rooftops.According to the 2014 revision of the UN report World Urbanization Prospects, the amount of people living in urban areas will increase from 54 per cent today to 66 per cent by 2050. By 2045 the world’s urban population is  expected to exceed six billion. This will no doubt create new challenges on housing, infrastructure, public transportation, energy and many other areas.
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From environmental to sustainable

By Paula Terne, August 25 2014


To be long term sustainable we need to have a balance between economic, environmental and social responsibility embraced with an ethical dimension in order to prioritize in the best way.

The environmental manager has today converted into a sustainability manager, the environmental issues has developed social responsibility. The terms have expanded to encompass much more than "just" environmental issues. It has become a part of the business and taken place as a strategic issue for a company. The wording sustainable development is, however, not new. United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development in its report Our Common Future in 1987:

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

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Topics: Sustainability

Biologists find problems, engineers solve them

By Paula Terne, July 09 2014

The desire to go to the fancy school in the town and to solve problems rather than finding them caught me into environmental issues already from high-school in the late 70s. And I’m still there.


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Topics: Sustainability

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