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Introducing Good Thinking

By Anders Berg, February 23 2016


Today we are launching ”Good Thinking”. Looking closer at this, one might wonder what this is? Of course we have information on our website about this, but I feel that I want to add my personal view to it as well.

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Five global trends that impact the future of construction

By Anders Berg, October 13 2015

5 trends affecting the future of construction

The pressure from globalisation is getting stronger worldwide and its impact being felt in virtually all areas. Having an understanding of how various global trends are affecting the business is crucial in determining how companies can strengthen their position in a competitive market. Rapid population growth and urbanisation, the demand for increasingly high energy efficiency, and technologies for intelligent buildings and materials offer challenges as well as opportunities. Below I have listed five global trends that impact the future of construction.

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Walking the talk – Constructing a building using Lindab products

By Johan Fredriksson, September 19 2014

The new Swiss Head Office

When it comes to showing confidence in your own products, there is no better way than using them yourself. After all you won’t see Tim Cook talking on an Android phone. So when we started planning our new Lindab headquarters in Switzerland it was only natural that our own products should be used to the greatest extent possible.

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