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Walking the talk – Constructing a building using Lindab products

By Johan Fredriksson, September 19 2014

The new Swiss Head Office

When it comes to showing confidence in your own products, there is no better way than using them yourself. After all you won’t see Tim Cook talking on an Android phone. So when we started planning our new Lindab headquarters in Switzerland it was only natural that our own products should be used to the greatest extent possible.

Last Friday we had the grand opening of our new facilities in Otelfingen, Switzerland. The new HQ is replacing two of our previous buildings 80 kilometres apart. The new HQ will not only contain the head office, but also be our logistics center and main production unit in Switzerland. Located in Otelfingen, close to Zurich, the new head office will become the hub for our activities in Switzerland.

The products being used

It’s not every day that we get to create an entire building for ourselves from scratch, so when the possibility emerged we had to take it with both hands. The structure is filled with our own products from the inside out. This includes:

Astron Building systems (A part of Lindab Group):

  • 4000 m2 production, logistic and storage. 10 metres height.
  • 800 m2 offices and infrastructure. 4 metres height.
 Lindab Doorline
  • 10 sectional doors.
  • 4 loading docks.
Lindab Ventilation Indoor Climate Solutions Lindab Ventilation Air Duct Systems Other than the products we have also had the chance to work together across departments and country borders, sharing our extensive knowledge within construction and ventilation internally. The conclusions from this will definitely be of gain to our customers down the line.

Being our own customer

One of our core values is Customer Success, which means that everything we do should be done to ensure the success of our customers. If you as a customer are successful, then we are successful. This time we are our own customer and that puts an interesting perspective on things. Let’s keep on being successful together.

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