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By Johan Fredriksson, July 07 2014

We're happy to announce the brand new Lindab Blog. There are so many things that we would like to share with you about big and small concerning our company and we decided that a blog was the ultimate channel for this.

Who will be writing then?

To start with we have enrolled our CEO Anders Berg, our Sustainability Manager Paula Terne, our Production Manager Magnus Grönborg and our Product Manager and R&D manager for our building products Johan Andersson. They will all be blogging about their areas of expertise. We are planning to add more authors as we go along. Me myself will be covering the things that maybe don't always get noted. The anecdotes and snapshots from our daily work.

We don't just want you to follow us, we want you to take part

The blog is just one part of us trying to let you closer to us. You can also find us on a number of social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. See the overview of where we are present today. The overview shows our accounts on a corporate level. On some markets we are active on social media locally.

Feel free to follow us, and more importantly talk to us. Comment, ask questions and upload your Lindab related photos.

Johan Fredriksson

Johan is our Online Marketing Manager, responsible for most things digital at Lindab Group. Always looking for stories to share.
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The Lindab blog aims to give you an inside track to our company. We would like to share our knowledge from over 50 years of production for the construction and ventilation businesses.